Ansible Accept License Agreement

I just tremble with the use of ansible to configure my machine with my chosen configuration/apps, etc… I hit a stumbling block and it is a licensing agreement. I tried to use Debconf to accept it in advance. Everything I tried made apt-get think I had to predict the license agreement and that I had to delete those inputs before I could install steam. Does anyone have any ideas? Ansible 2.5 is the oldest supported version, but it`s only for security fixes like As this is not involved in Ansible 2.6 and new, there is nothing we can do to help you. Update Ansible to a newer version to solve this problem. get_url – Cookie: Do not accept the license correctly with < 2.6. I`ve tried almost every version of to 2.6 with virtual envs. Edit: This error doesn`t happen since version 2.6. 1) Enter the password in the command line. splunk start–accept-license–answer-yes–no-prompt-seed-not-passwd .

Your command /trvapps/splunk/bin/splunk start –accept-license –answer-yes Trying to run Ctrl: q on the system inside a playbook to pass an interactive license that appears when installing the software. Does anyone have any suggestions like doing? I`ve tried a few tricks, but the game is suspended, and I think that`s because the license agreement is not in progress. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. It is likely that there was an error in the package (the packaging is notoriously hard if not your main responsibility) and later versions should work now and read the license accepted in advance from the Debconf database. This means that you should not be invited. I`m new to using Playbooks Ansible, and I`m having problems accepting licensing agreements with Splunk. Works here on 2.7 years. Can you publish detailed editions of the execution of a playbook with the -vvv setting? Here`s the edition of sudo debconf-show steam: steam/purge: `steam/license: `steam/question: I AGREE Then start Splunk: splunk start –accept-license –answer-yes –no-5 years late, but I have the following ansible tasks that seems to work with Debian 9 and 10, tested with molecule and docker.