Charity Sponsorship Agreement Template

We have other forms of agreement, a sponsorship contract (Long) and the sponsorship agreement (short). Both are in the “Event-Sponsoring” sub-file in the “Commercial Agreements” group in the “Business” folder. They may be used by a charity or other organization, but they are more written in favor of the sponsor than the commercial sponsorship agreement of the charnity event. The longer form is more demanding, for use if the size of one or both parts is large, the amount of sponsorship is quite considerable, and more than one sponsorship payment is or can be made. The shorter form is for other cases. A printable sponsorship agreement template is available for your application. You can simply download for your use. The Institute of Fundraising Models are excellent if you are a charitable organization (from memory, they refer a lot to charitable right). I couldn`t find anything really good for an NGO (i.e. a not-for-profit limited company). I would suggest, as with all things legal in nature, regardless of the model you use, make sure that you have it checked by an expert.

If your organization is not yet in contact with an expert, you will find here one: The organizer and the sponsor agree to conclude this sponsorship contract by putting their respective signatures below. If the type of sponsorship purchased needs to be changed for any reason, the organizer agrees to notify the sponsor in writing. This sponsorship agreement was concluded from [Agreement. Date] between the following entities, collectively called “the parties”: [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Sponsor) [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] (Promoter) This document is a legally binding sponsorship agreement between the parties listed above. Anything not explicitly mentioned in the terms of this sponsorship agreement is governed by the contractual laws of [Promoter.State]. The event sponsorship contract will cover the sponsorship of a single individual event. Its design is used according to the wishes of sponsorship related to the event and its organizer. It is written in favor of sponsors more than organizers. The sponsor makes a payment in return for commercial services. This confidential statement; The sponsorship agreement is effective (date) between (organizing name) a business is organized and exists according to the laws of the state or province (steam/province) with its head office at (full address) sponsor name and sponsor of a company and exists according to the laws of the (state / province with headquarters at (full address) during the name of the company.

The organizer has the exclusive right to organize and organize an event (type) as PandaTip: this model is designed for any sponsorship agreement. To add specific details to your event, simply click on one of the text areas. This is an example of a sponsorship agreement between the sponsor and the organizer. The sponsor agrees to sponsor for (name and description of the event covered by the agreement); That`s why it`s called “Event.” The sponsorship letter also consists of general terms and conditions to the sponsor and the organizer. If the agreement contains provisions in favour of the sponsor (since it pays for services), it also includes liability limitations and other provisions in favour of the charity, in order to contribute to the protection of the charity, both in the context of the organization of the event and the organization of the event and its authorization to the promoter to use the name of the charity.