Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica

Dunn's River FallsJamaica
The Dunn’ River Falls are located in Ochos Rios. It is one of the most popular and famous attractions in Jamaica, it is estimated to be about 600′ feet of climbing, and thousands of visitors go there every year. The Dunn`s falls was also featured in the James Bond movie “Dr. No”. Ian Fleming who is the author of the James Bond movies fell in love with Jamaica while visiting the island for a Naval meeting and spent several winters at the famous Dunn’s River Falls.The climbing of Dunn’s River Falls has been done by the locals as well as so many tourists for so long that it is quite easy to believe that the waterfall was made for climbing. However, in truth and in fact, Dunn’s River Falls is totally natural and all of the structures, crevices, and natural pools of water were made by the actual flow of the water’s currents.
The most popular and famous Attraction in Jamaica

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