Leave And License Agreement Maharashtra

A tenant cannot revoke a contract unless it is expressly mentioned in one of the clauses. The licensor may issue a notification to the licensee expressing its wish for expulsion from the licensor. The period prior to termination should be agreed in the agreement. For the registration of the contract, you need some basic documents of the tenant, the owner and witnesses, such as a passport photo, a photocopy of the proof of identity (for example. B PAN card) and the electricity bill or the real estate document such as index II or tax proof of the rented property. In Maharashtra, holiday and licensing contracts must be stamped with a flat stamp duty rate of 0.25% of the total rent for the period. If a non-refundable deposit is also paid to the lessor, stamp duty is also levied on these non-refundable deposits. Housing.com has implemented a fully digital and contactless service to create rental contracts. If you want to complete the formalities quickly and without problems, you just need to fill in the details, create the rental agreement online, sign the contract digitally and mark it in seconds by e-stamp. For example, if you enter into a 24-month vacation and license agreement with a monthly rent of 25,000 rupees and a refundable deposit of five Lakh Rs, you will have to pay a stamp duty of 1,750 rupees (0.25% on the rent of six Lakhs for two years and interest on one lakh for two years).

10% x refundable deposit x Number of years of the contract = Form C No. 27 [According to Statutes No. 43 (2) (I)] A form of application for authorization of sub-spoiling, leave and license or nursing assistantBasis the dwelling or part of it. Form No. 11 [In accordance with Articles Nos. 20 and 43 (2) (ii)] The form of the application for nominal membership by the subscriber, licensee or caretaker or occupant of the forms to be submitted to the company in accordance with the articles. Forms Unlike notarial documents, registered agreements are subject to rigorous review. Accordingly, they contain any clause that should include a formal holiday and rental contract. Some important clauses that every landlord and tenant must abide by are: Registration of holidays and license is in accordance with section 55 Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 (MAH). ACT NO. 18 OF 2000) (w.e.f.

31-3-2000) Section 55. Mandatory rental agreement. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act or any other Act currently in force, any agreement on leave and the licensing or rental of premises between the lessor and the lessee or lessee shall: the licensee is closed after the entry into force of this Act, in writing and registered in accordance with the Registration Act. 1908. (2) Responsibility for the registration of such a contract rests with the owner and, in the absence of the registered written agreement, the lessee`s assertion as to the conditions under which land was placed on leave and licensed or leased by the lessor shall prevail, unless proven otherwise. . . .