Local Government Pay Agreement 2018

The Council`s overnight stays were offered a two-year salary increase effective April 1, 2018. The majority of employees – those with salaries starting at £19,430 a year – would receive a 2 per cent increase on 1 April 2018 and 2% on 1 April 2019, with larger increases for those with lower wages. A two-year wage contract for more than one million local government workers will be approved after the three unions concerned decide to accept it. The National Joint Council negotiates the remuneration and conditions of staff within local authorities. It is agreed to an annual increase in the reduction of national salaries, with each council deciding where it addresses its staff. Each board considers a number of factors, such as job size and local labour market conditions, when deciding an employee`s salary. Given that the three unions reject the wage offer for local government employees, what chance do they have of making more money for community workers? Mark Whitehead was explored. Unison is asking its local government members to reject the new offer of a 3% wage increase. Attempts to criticize local government salaries have been called “crazy and in bad taste” by Solace. Heather Wakefield, Director of unison Municipal Administration, told LocalGov: “Years of wage cuts have resulted in hard-working Council workers struggling to make ends meet.

Members of the GMB Scotland union have rejected the Scottish local government`s wage offer, which could lead to labour dispute. National Employers, who negotiate the payment on behalf of 350 local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, today made the offer to the unions. It will affect more than one million employees. According to local government unions, half the cost of a right to remuneration for council workers would be offset by higher taxes and other factors. The unions have criticised the employers for not yet making a wage offer to local government employees. Unison has accepted the Association for Local Government`s two-year compensation offer for the period from April 2018 to March 2020. The local government agreed to a 2.75% pay rise, was confirmed despite Unite`s objections. The vast majority of GMB members voted in favour of accepting the local government`s 2% wage offer. The unions have filed a wage demand for increases of at least 5% for local government craftsmen who mainly carry out housing and maintenance work. .