Microsoft Master Supplier Services Agreement

Pencil advises organizations at every stage of digital transformation through a framework of reliable services such as software and cloud evaluation and migration; Software and cloud governance and optimization Support and capacity for innovation through new technologies such as AI, IoT and Machine Learning Contract Number: NPN 2.17-3Excesse: 28 March 2022Extensions available: 1 x 3 yearsContact: Contract: Direct Commitment of supplier. Price details will be downloaded from VendorPanel.Scope contract: Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Open Licenses, Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) and Academic License. Before using office products for “service” businesses, contact the Agency`s service manager. If a contract is required, it must be executed by Microsoft and the vendor before working. It is a comprehensive agreement. After the supplier is signed, specific work instructions (SOW) or orders (orders) are required. If you are providing services or products to Microsoft or are planning to do so in the near future, you must complete a data protection (SPR) review for data security and privacy. The SSPA DPR program is an initiative to improve and enhance the security, transmission and communication of data on all Microsoft vendors that process microsoft personal data or microsoft confidential information as part of the execution of an active proprietor`s master service contract. RSM is a Microsoft-qualified provider of these services and can help you navigate scalablely. The terms and conditions of orders (PO) differ depending on which subsidiaries a supplier enters into transactions with.

SoftwareONE is a global software and services company that was developed from the beginning to provide local support to regional and multinational customers. SoftwareONE operates in more than 80 countries and supports more than 65,000 customers in 145 countries. Our global presence allows us to manage local agreements and transactions to support centralized, distributed and hybrid software business and acquisition models. Our team of licensing specialists supports companies and service providers through the software acquisition lifecycle, supplier comparison, product selection and contract analysis to the interpretation of contract options. As we continue our mission to strengthen every human being on the planet, we want to share with our suppliers what we have learned about accessibility. Whether you`re just getting started and need a basic disability label or want to test the code to the latest standards, look at these useful resources. Insight is the leader in providing smart, state-of-the-art technology solutions to global companies of all sizes. From developing unique strategies to delivering products, services and know-how, we help your business more effectively manage and modernize Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions, which is already a global leader in IT services and digital transformation, and leverage the world`s largest independent practice in the cloud economy. The Microsoft Supplies Program (MSP) defines how key critical and strategic suppliers do business with Microsoft, including requirements and expectations, and thus provides a clear and direct path to success. Using a preferred vendor facilitates the overall collaboration of Microsoft employees with a group of pre-qualified vendors.