Roaring River Children of Jamaica

Roaring River is a small Village, located just out-side Negril. the Village was one of the 24 Villages owned by Peter Beckford, who arrived in 1660. the Roaring River then became popular after they Discover Caves, and mineral water from healing springs, the river and caves are now managed by local Association group, that charges a small fee of $15 to use and tour the cave and mineral springs. A small percentage of the fee goes to the childrens of the Village.
See yourself the beauty of the Jamaican people and children and Culture of the Roaring River. The children are proud to show how they provide for themselves, fruit from trees, Fresh Almonds, how they play and dive into the gushing roaring river and have so much love and give you and joy to share. Some people fall in love with it and visit the people every time in Jamaica.
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