Sirius Customer Agreement

Our privacy policy regulates the handling of the anonymous and personally identifiable information we collect when you use the website or service and if you provide us with information in any media for the service or other service we offer. Read our privacy policy on These operating hours can be changed without notice. 2. By email: To contact us by email, go 3. By chat: To chat online with us, go to We reserve the right to offload these fees at our discretion. 5. Credits: If you change an existing package or plan, we will charge you the difference for the new subscription. If the new tax is less than the cost of your current parcel or plan, you can request a refund or leave the balance in your account, and it will automatically apply to the most recent fees.

If you make changes to a lifetime subscription, test or subscription included in the sale or rental of a car and certain promotional subscriptions, no credit applies. IF LISTENER CARE OR CUSTOMER CARE APPLICA A SERVICE CREDIT IN YOUR ACCOUNT (THAT IS A CREDIT PROVIDED AS AN ACCOMMODATION, AND NOT FOR A CHANGE IN SERVICE), SUCH UNUSED SERVICE CREDITS EXPIRE AT THE TIME OF TERMINATION OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND CANNOT BE REFUNDED OR TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER POERSONA. 6. Billing Disputes: If you have any questions about your billing, please contact us by email, phone or chat on If you communicate by author, please provide the following information: your name, your service address, your account number and the details of your query. If you wish to dispute any charges, you must contact us within thirty (30) days of receipt of the statement in question. OTHERWISE, THEY DENY THEIR RIGHT TO CHALLENGE THE CHARGE. 7. REFUNDS: LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTIONS, TEST SUBSCRIPTIONS, SUBSCRIPTIONS INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OR LEASE OF A VEHICLE, AND CERTAIN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. If you cancel another paid subscription before the renewal or expiry period, we will refund the amounts in question in a proportionately reduced form of all costs incurred, unless your specific offer of the Service, which you otherwise accept.

The costs associated with certain offers or services received during the trial periods are non-refundable.