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Tropical Island of Jamaica

Welcome to the Island of Jamaica, almost half of Jamaica lies above sea level the highest point is the Blue Mountain Peak, stands at 7402 feet. Jamaica has more than 120 rivers; the plantain Graden River in St Thomas is the only one that flows to the west.

Around 3800 varieties of flowering plants and ferns, some 720 of which are endemic. Sugar cane, bananas, plantains, mangoes, breadfruit, ackee, bamboo, and coconut palms are not native to Jamaica , having been imported by the Taino Spanish, Africans and the British.

Jamaica population is almost three million. Just over half of the island’s residents live in urban areas, 22 percent in greater Kingston. Some 76 percent of Jamaicans are of African origin, 15 percent are of mixed African/European heritage, 3.5 percent are East indian, 1.2 percent are Chinese/African, 0.8 are European.

Jamaica located ninety miles south of Cuba and six hundred miles south of Miami, Jamaica sits 18 degrees north of the equator. It is one of the largest English speaking Caribbean island. Jamaica is 146 miles long, with widths varying between 22 and 51 miles, and about 633 miles of beautiful coastline Shorty Tours Jamaica

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