Unep Host Country Agreement

(i) assistance in the implementation of environmental agreements and programmes under the auspices of the United Nations in which the parties participate; CONSIDERING that the second meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Jakarta on November 17, 1995, accepted Canada`s offer in UNEP/CBD/COP/2/Rev.1 to host the secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal, in accordance with Article 24 of the Convention; The activities, programmes and projects implemented by the POP Coordination Unit and the MAP components, including six regional activity centres (RACS), which operate from the Mediterranean host countries, make the prosperous Mediterranean a constellation of achievements that is gradually expanding. During 2003-2010, cooperation in these areas has been implemented through projects, including: Russian Federation: support for the National Action Programme for the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment, Russian Federation – An integrated approach to ecosystem management for biodiversity conservation and minimizing habitat fragmentation in three selected model areas in the Russian Arctic (ECORA), protection of the Caspian Sea marine environment, building the capacity of the Russian Federation to implement the Stockholm Convention on POPs and the development of a national implementation plan, the development of a wetland network, the fight against desertification through sustainable management of land resources Etc. The program is designed for a five-year budget of more than $335 million (US$25 million from the GEF trust fund AND 310 MILLION US DOLLARS from a variety of sources). UNEP is expected to receive US$11 million for the implementation of three projects under the project and for the co-ordinator activity. The Russian Federation has traditionally been actively involved in UNEP activities based on the opportunity and feasibility of harnessing the organization`s potential to meet Russia`s environmental priorities. In accordance with Article 17 of the Barcelona Convention, UNEP provides secretarial services to the parties through its POP coordination unit, established in Athens in 1982 on the basis of an agreement on host countries between Greece and UNEP. (h) public information and awareness of environmental protection issues; The menu is not available if Javascript is disabled. 1. Supporting the Russian government in greening the Sochi Olympic Games (2009-14); (g) rational use of natural resources, sustainable production and sustainable consumption; b) biodiversity preservation and integrated ecosystem management; UNEP headquarters is located in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Achim Steiner has been Executive Director of UNEP since June 2006. The Government of Canada is committed to granting the experts in the Secretariat`s missions the privileges and immunities and facilities set out in Article VI of the General Convention.

In December 2012, following the Rio-20 summit, a decision by the UN General Assembly to “strengthen and enhance” the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and establish universal membership of its governing body was confirmed. Prior to the new resolution, unep OFP`s Board of Directors had only 58 members. Previous efforts to ensure greater representation in UNEP implementation have led to the creation of the World Ministerial Forum for the Environment (GMEF), which brought together environment ministers from around the world for high-level meetings in parallel with the Governing Council.