Violation Of Child Custody Agreement

The first step is to ensure that your custody and visitation agreement is effectively formalized and approved by the court. The custody agreement is therefore legally enforceable. Sometimes it is enough to know that an agreement is legally applicable to prevent infringements and disputes. A person who “does not intentionally comply with a custody order may be sentenced to contempt, as prescribed by the general rule,” pursuant to Section 5323(g)(1) of the Pennsylvania Statutes. Please contact us online or call our offices in Linden, NJ today at (908) 481-4625 for confidential advice on your child custody dispute. When a judge makes a custody and access order, it becomes a court order and has the force of law. Section 18.2-49.1 of the Virginia Code makes any person a Class 6 crime that knowingly, wrongly and intentionally dispels a child to a parent or guardian in clear and significant violation of a court custody and access order. For a Class 6 crime to be imposed, the child must be held outside of Virginia. Sole custody allows a parent to decide important matters concerning that parent`s child. Such decisions affect the religious education, education, health care and emotional needs of the child. Joint custody means that both parents of the child have a say in these decisions. If the other parent of your child(s) has not followed a court custody decision, you can file an application for contempt.