What Is The Sykes-Picot Agreement And How Does It Influence Politics In The Middle East

The Arabs viewed McMahon`s promises as a formal agreement, which may well have been the case. Among the borders proposed by Hussein was Palestine. But this area was not explicitly mentioned in the McMahon-Hussein correspondence. May 16 marks the centenary of the agreement, amid the question of whether its borders can survive the region`s current furies. “The system that has existed for a hundred years has collapsed,” Barham Salih, a former Iraqi deputy prime minister, told the Sulaimani Forum in Iraqi Kurdistan in March. “We don`t know which new system will take its place.” Aaron W. Hughes does not work for companies or organizations that would benefit from this article and has not revealed any relevant links beyond his academic appointment. When we look at it in the broader context of other agreements, declarations and promises made to actors in the region over the years, we see how the agreement is causing so many of today`s problems. On April 21, Faisal left for the East. Before leaving, Clemenceau sent a draft letter on April 17 in which the French government declared that it recognized “Syria`s right to independence in the form of a federation of autonomous governments in accordance with the traditions and desires of the population,” claiming that Faisal had recognized “that France is the qualified power to give Syria the help of various advisers, which are necessary to create order and achieve the progress demanded by the population. the Syrian population” and the 20.

April assured Faisal Clemenceau that he was “deeply impressed by the altruistic kindness of your statements to me during my visit to Paris and must thank you for being the first to propose the deployment of the Inter-Allied Commission, which will soon leave for the East to determine the wishes of the local peoples regarding the future organization of their country.