Neteller Merchant Agreement

Nuvei is the payment partner that allows merchants to grow locally and globally through a single integration. 16.1 You have the right to close your account and terminate your contract with us (and your right to use the NETELLER service) at any time by notifying our customer contact centre. If your account has a balance at the time of closing, we will ask you to withdraw your money within a reasonable time during which your account will only be available for payment of the remaining balance. When this period expires, you will no longer be able to access your account, but you can withdraw all remaining funds by contacting the customer contact centre and demanding that the money be sent to them in a manner reasonably acceptable to us. If you want to access your transaction history after your account closes, you should contact the customer information center and request the information. You can do this for a period of six years from the closing date of your account, but we recommend that you withdraw your balance as quickly as possible because they do not earn interest during your account. 17.11. Nothing in these Terms of Use excludes liability in the event of death or bodily harm for negligence or fraud or misrepresentation or for legal liability that cannot be excluded or altered by an agreement between the parties. emerchantpay is an online, mobile and pos payment service provider. We help e-commerce companies of all sizes and industries accept payments through multiple customer touch points. 2.6 The latest version of the countryafe claim policy is available on your reference`s website. At the time of these Terms of Use, this Policy can be found at:

19.5 These terms of use and the policies covered in Section 2.5 form the entire agreement between us and you regarding the NETELLER service and replace and replace all previous agreements. In case of contradictions between this version of the terms of use and the version on the site, the version of the site is given priority. The merchant must give you the estimated amount that will be blocked in your card account and obtain your consent. “website,” the website available at; 10.6 Once you have used the Neteller service for a purchase, we will no longer be able to stop this transaction. However, if you have used your card to purchase goods or services, you may have a right against the distributor if the goods or services are not satisfactory, are not delivered, partially delivered or do not match the supplier`s description. You must inform us of any dispute within 60 days of the purchase and the re-booking is only applied to your account if it is successfully secured by the dealer via Mastercard. Mastercard, and not us, it is the one who will win the relapse. If you improperly invoke a right to re-enlistment, we are entitled to charge you any fees we incurr in pursuing the right to reimbursement and we are entitled to debit the amount of these fees into your account. 14.1. Payments are strictly prohibited in return for the sale or supply of: tobacco products, medically prescribed medicines, drugs and paraphernes, weapons (including but not limited to knives, pistols, firearms or ammunition), satellite and cable television decryptors, pornography, adult material, violence, hatred, racism incites or is considered obscene, government identity cards and licenses, including replicas and novelties, and all counterfeit products, lotteries or unlicensed or illegal gambling services (including use or participation in illegal gambling houses), unregistered charitable services, articles that encourage or facilitate illegal activities , prepaid debit cards or other value cards not related to a particular reseller are not limited, products or services for third-party aggregation or payment, multi-level or ponzi marketing systems, matrix programs or other “fast” programs or high-interest investment programs, goods or services that infringe on the value of